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Microsoft Office 365

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Having the ability to share information is one of the most essential variables to a successful workflow. After all, to keep your business operations running smoothly, you need your employees to work efficiently. The world's most trusted file sharing interface, Dropbox, has begun to expand its business to include an offering for yours.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business offers organizations a terabyte of storage space to start, but as your team grows, you can expand to an amount of data storage that your organization requires with no additional cost to you. The Microsoft Office 365 for Business file sharing system features ultra-secure 256-bit AES encryption with SSL-capability for fast and secure data transfers. These state-of-the-art security measures provide organizations like yours with reliable solutions to keep your team productive from any location.


Built for teams

Collaborate easily and stay productive with document sharing in the cloud and real-time co-authoring across devices.

Get it done together in real time

Work together wherever you are, on any device you choose. Co-author files using Office apps or a browser, and see everyone’s changes as they happen.

Share and edit with confidence

Collaborate on documents knowing that everyone is working with the latest version—and easily refer back to earlier drafts if needed.

Work smarter in the cloud

Learn tips for making your small business more effective, competitive, and successful through mobile collaboration in Office 365.      

Work like you’re in the same room

Keep your team connected, even when they’re far apart, with Skype for Business video conferencing, screen sharing, IM, and more.

Meet online from anywhere

Start a meeting on the fly or schedule one in advance with Outlook. Use your favorite devices to join remotely from anywhere.

Boost teamwork with built-in tools

Keep mobile team members connected and in sync with screen sharing, real-time note taking, and instant messaging capabilities.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Learn about real solutions for keeping your mobile workforce working together effectively with Skype for Business and Office 365.        

Microsoft Office 365 Advantages:

  • There are cost savings over installing and maintaining on-premises software and hardware.
  • Each Office 365 user can access Office 2013 on up to five devices, including smartphones.
  • Licensing is easy; you pay by the month for active users.
  • Costs are easy to anticipate and are an operational rather than a capital expense.
  • Shared calendars are a huge benefit for a growing company (and this function works on smartphones).
  • Backup and disaster recovery are easy to establish and maintain.
  • Common software for the whole staff leads to better productivity and lower support costs.
  • Office in the cloud offers continual upgrades.


Microsoft Office 365 for Business offers integrated backup and versioning capabilities that expand your workflow options.

At InitialOne, we deal in efficiency. Microsoft Office 365 for Business is a great option for small and mid-sized businesses that are looking to provide your organization with a fast and secure cloud storage option. For more information about our managed services, including Microsoft Office 365 for Business, call us today at (888) 809 - 8264.

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